Fostering diversity, choosing civility

Agnico Eagle’s people and culture have always been a competitive strength and advantage. It is critical to our current and future success that we maintain our culture, ensuring that each person is treated with dignity and respect, and that we interact collaboratively, with a commitment and dedication to excellence. This is our way to make mining work.

2019 Key Highlights

  • 8,774 employees and contractors worked for Agnico Eagle worldwide at the end of the year
  • 100% of our workforce from Pinos Altos and La India Mines are from Mexico
  • 16% of our employees are women
  • 244,798 of training hours delivered to Agnico Eagle employees in 2019
  • 442 employees at our Nunavut operations are Inuit
  • 21% of our new hires are women


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to Agnico Eagle’s core values of Family, Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Equality. We are committed to engaging, developing and retaining the best people, and empowering everyone with equal access to opportunities and recognition. As such, we have adopted a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that outlines our commitments and responsibilities, and, in 2019, we created a Diversity and Inclusion Council.

We continued to work toward building a more diverse workforce that includes under-represented groups, such as women and Indigenous Peoples. At the end of 2019, women made up 16% of Agnico Eagle’s total workforce and 20% of Agnico Eagle’s corporate executives. We continue to identify and work to mitigate systemic barriers to the participation and advancement of women in the global mining industry. In 2018 and 2019, our Finland and Nunavut operations conducted ‘civility in the workplace’ training which addressed issues such as inclusion and harassment. We also have a suite of programs and initiatives aimed at increasing our diversity and inclusion in the North, including cultural awareness training; encouraging female and Inuit representation on worker Collaboration Committees; and providing an Inuit role model program. Notably, at our Northern operations, women represent 34% of our Inuit workforce. At our Meadowbank Complex, women represent 21% of Agnico Eagle’s workforce, the highest of any of our mining operations.


Maximizing Local Employment

Our goal is to hire 100% of our workforce, including our management teams, directly from the region/country in which each of our operations is located.

Our Kittila, Goldex and LaRonde mines are almost 100% operated by persons living locally or in the region.

At Agnico Eagle Mexico, 100% of the workforce is from Mexico, with the majority living in the northern states of Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa.

In Northern Canada, we remain focused on creating sustainable and high-quality jobs and careers in mining for the Inuit population.

We have developed extensive Work and Site Readiness programs that are designed to prepare candidates from the Kivalliq region for work with Agnico Eagle. We have renewed our focus on supporting our Inuit employees, career development, and building capacity in our Northern-based workforce. After consultation with Inuit employees, our Nunavut Community Relations, Education & People Development Team launched the Rapid Inuit Specific Education (RISE) program to give Inuit employees the support and skill development needed to excel in more senior roles.

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