Being accountable, being safe

We are committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards possible. Our long-term goal is to strengthen our health and safety culture through individual accountability and leadership, accompanied by aspirational zero harm safety targets and leading performance indicators.

2021 Key Highlights

  Combined Legacy Agnico Eagle Legacy Kirkland Lake Gold
Combined lost-time accident and restricted work frequency – employees and contractors 0.78 0.82 0.70
 Hours worked 31,216,930 22,056,694 9,160,236
 Fatalities 1 1 0


Our operations continuously work to identify root causes of accidents, implement mitigation plans and share lessons learned across our organization. The specific contributing factors for accidents vary across the organization but it is undeniable that stress, uncertainty, and fatigue related to the pandemic played a role in this performance. Mitigating these factors is challenging and we are concentrating our focus on addressing mental health. We will continue to work together with our health and safety teams, and our industry peers, to discuss innovative solutions. 

Overall, during 2021, 122 people from Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold operations experienced a workplace accident which kept them from performing their regular duties or coming to work the next day and an additional 161 required medical aid. Our sites continue to work on providing all employees with an accident-free work environment and, to that end, all our sites have detailed action plans in place with the goal of mitigating risks and preventing workplace accidents.

As we merge the best practices of our combined health and safety teams, we will continue to develop innovative solutions that deliver an even safer workplace for our employees.

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