Strengthening Leadership Through Safety Accountability

We are committed to providing a safe place to work and to maintaining the highest health and safety standards. Our long-term goal is to strengthen our health and safety culture through individual accountability and leadership, accompanied by aspirational zero harm safety targets and leading performance indicators. We are mindful that mining poses workplace risks that must be continuously identified and mitigated in order to achieve safe production.

2022 Key Highlights

  Combined Employees Contractors
Lost-time Frequency (per 1,000,000 hours worked) 2.161.493.09
Total Recordable Incident Frequency (per 1,000,000 hours worked)4.843.716.41
 Hours worked31,020,143
 Fatalities 101


We believe that all accidents/incidents are preventable. We aim to operate a safe and healthy workplace that is injury and fatality free. We believe that if we all work together, we can achieve zero accidents in the workplace and enhance the well-being of employees, contractors, and communities. To achieve this, we: 

- Use sound engineering principles in the design and operation of our facilities;

- Promote overall health and wellness and establish programs to protect them; 

- Provide appropriate training for all employees to safely perform their duties; 

- Identify, prevent, eliminate or mitigate the risks to health, safety and industrial hygiene; 

- Maintain occupational health and industrial hygiene programs; 

- Provide appropriate tools to work safely and efficiently; and 

- Maintain a high degree of emergency preparedness to effectively respond to emergencies. 

Overall, during 2022, 100 people from Agnico Eagle operations experienced a workplace accident which kept them from performing their regular duties or coming to work the next day and an additional 50 required medical aid. All operations continue to work on providing employees with an accident-free work environment and, to that end, have detailed action plans in place with the goal of mitigating risks and preventing workplace accidents. We continue to emphasize the importance of incident reporting at all our operations. This give us the opportunity to be proactive and address health and safety concerns prior to harm occurring.

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