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April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018


In 2016, we updated our Sustainable Development policy to reflect an increased emphasis on health and wellness, to more explicitly reaffirm our commitment to the protection of Human Rights, and to more specifically commit to minimizing risks associated with the management of tailings and water.

Standards and disclosures

We are committed to maintaining high standards in sustainability and achieving global best practices in transparency and disclosures.

We have designed our Responsible Mining Management System (RMMS) – our in-house health, safety, environment and social acceptability management System – to continuously improve performance and to ensure that the following compliance requirements and industry standards are met:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • International Cyanide Management Code
  • Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Initiative
  • Disclosure of payments to governments
  • Conflict-Free Gold Standard

Responsible Mining Management Systems (RMMS)

The RMMS is consistent with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System. We are not planning to seek certification under the ISO or OSHA standards at this time.


For more information on how we are integrating these sustainability standards, codes and disclosures into our daily operations to ensure we are not only meeting, but exceeding, regulatory requirements for health, safety and the environment we invite you to see our annual Sustainable Development report.

Governance and accountability

Our governance practices guide our behaviour and performance, helping to ensure we act in an ethically responsible manner and uphold our core values.

  • Agnico Eagle’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines the standards of ethical behaviour we expect from people working on our behalf around the world. The Code applies to all directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors and commits them to conducting their business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and to the highest ethical standards.
  • We have also adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct which explicitly demands that suppliers must not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, nationality, gender, ethnicity, age, marital status, creed, sexual orientation other basis prohibited by law. For more information on our procurement practices and policies, click here.
  • Our toll-free “whistleblower” ethics hotline provides anonymous reporting of any suspected violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We have also adopted an Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy. Additionally, our activities are audited against the Conflict-Free Gold Standard of the WGC.

For more information on our corporate governance, business practices and policies, click here.

Human Rights and Informed Consent

Agnico Eagle has incorporated respect for human rights into our management and governance practices and programs.

Our Board of Directors has made it clear that we will only do business in regions where human rights laws are respected and promoted. As a Canadian company, we maintain our commitment to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms while operating internationally, ensuring that all of our employees and communities are treated with respect and dignity.

Agnico Eagle does not in any way support or facilitate child labour or forced labour practices. This applies to mining operations, exploration and other development activities in which we are directly or indirectly engaged. It also applies to all outsourced or subcontracted activities across the entire supply chain. We do our best to ensure that none of our activities result in direct or indirect support of such practices. We will take action to terminate any such arrangement should we become aware that such practices are being supported by one of our outsourced suppliers.

In 2016, Agnico Eagle formally adopted the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VP), one of a series of standards created to help extractive sector companies balance the obligation to respect human rights while protecting the assets and people at their operations.

Informed consent: Agnico Eagle subscribes to the principle of informed consent when working on private land, including aboriginal land. We seek the consent of the land owner; this consent usually takes the form of a formal agreement acknowledging that Agnico Eagle will conduct work in a certain area and under certain conditions.

Feedback and advice: We have established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) to provide us with feedback on our corporate social responsibility efforts and to help us make strategic links to our existing local stakeholder engagement activities. This approach also supports our global efforts to engage with our stakeholders on a regular basis and in a meaningful way.

The SAC provides us with constructive feedback from a diverse group of priority stakeholders. It provides advice on building a focused sustainability strategy and a business case for our investments in sustainability. The SAC also reviews our sustainability initiatives – including our environmental and social policies, programs, operational performance, communications and engagement.

Stakeholder engagement and materiality: Agnico Eagle is committed to addressing the evolving needs and priorities of our business and key stakeholders – including shareholders, employees, contractors, business partners, communities, governments and others.