Our Approach

Agnico Eagle recognizes climate change as a serious environmental concern for all of society. As a sustainability leader in the global mining industry, we aim to be a climate action leader too. We do this by executing a disciplined strategy that is focused on proactively working to reduce emissions as quickly as feasible, preparing the company for a low-carbon economy, and regularly and transparently communicating our climate-related progress and performance, and the risks and opportunities we can reasonably foresee. Agnico Eagle is committed to continue to take the action necessary to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Agnico Eagle's Climate Strategy

Our climate strategy is integrated with our business strategy and revolves around three strategic pillars: performance; pipeline; and people. 

PERFORMANCE: Take action to improve our performance and reduce our overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Our initiatives are designed to enhance our energy efficiency, advance our technology transition, and accelerate our shift to renewables — with a focus on electrification, innovation and the pursuit of alliances to advocate for the greening of electrical grids. 

PIPELINE: Align project planning and business processes around our interim and long-term GHG emission reduction targets. Maintain our reputation for being a transparent operator active in politically stable jurisdictions and engage with governments and our peers to spur on funding for renewable energy initiatives and technology transition. As we build or add new projects to our pipeline, we will include forecast carbon costs into our economic evaluations. We will also incorporate the impacts of physical and transition climate risks, as well as adaptation and resiliency measures, into our project planning, operations and closures.

PEOPLE: Reaching net-zero and achieving success requires the support of our people and governments that represent them.  We will leverage the skills and experience of our employees to optimize energy use, deploy clean energy solutions at our mine sites, and shift to renewable energy sources. We will use our relationships and partnerships with governments, peers and communities to better support transition initiatives and advocate for clean power and strategic ideas that have benefits beyond our organization. We will continue to explore technology and solutions to improve our carbon performance and accounting, so we remain a leader in low-carbon production and best practices even as we continue to grow.

Our strategy focuses on what we are good at, finding technical and innovative solutions to complex problems and we will put the human and financial capital in place to align our actions with our commitments.