Bats Like Mines

September 19, 2019

Rehabilitation leads to habitat and species protection.

Three resident bat species in Ontario are endangered and Agnico Eagle is discovering new opportunities to protect them and their habitat. Primary predators of insects, bats help bring balance and support the health of the ecosystem making them a unique and important asset to biodiversity, preventing the increased use of pesticide and much more. 

In June, Josée Noël, our Project Manager Restoration for the Mine Reclamation Team presented at the Sudbury International Mining and the Environment Conference on the integration of wildlife protection in mine reclamation; specifically protecting endangered bats in Cobalt. 

Cobalt, Ontario is the birthplace of hard rock mining in Canada, as host to over 100 mines, 28 mills and 6 refineries that remained active for about 85 years.  We also began our journey as a company here - active in silver mining from 1957 to 1989.  

Luckily, old mine workings are a perfect habitat for our nocturnal friends, so in support of these endangered species our Reclamation Team looked at ways they could help. Before implementing additional closure and reclamation measures in the Cobalt area, they assessed the infrastructure of old Agnico Eagle mine workings to ensure suitable temperature and air flow; then designed bat-friendly closure measures. 

Their primary goal was to preserve safe bat-friendly habitats that keep people out without disturbing or harming the bats.  Mission accomplished!  Up to now, they have installed 5 bat gates in some of Agnico Eagle’s closed mines in the Cobalt area.

Kudos to the Reclamation Team for upholding Agnico Eagle’s commitment to protecting the biodiversity of the environment.