As a global mining company, we have an impact on a wide range of economic, environmental, and societal topics. We also have a diverse group of stakeholders –from local communities to investors – with varying interests and priorities. As part of meeting our sustainability commitments and providing high-quality reporting, it is important to have a thorough understanding of which topics matter most to our stakeholders as well as understanding the significance of our impacts. The sustainability landscape is constantly evolving which is why our sustainability assessment is a ongoing process requiring regular updates and refinements. 

As part of our theme, “Building Better Together”, Agnico Eagle analyzed the most recent materiality assessment results available from each legacy organization to determine the topics that are of the most significant concern to the new Agnico Eagle based on the relationships and connections with our employees, business partners, communities, and other stakeholders. We believe focus and continual improvements in all these areas will allow Agnico Eagle to become the world’s leading gold company for all our stakeholders. 

The results of our 2021 materiality assessment process identified the following topics:

For more information on how we address sustainability material topics, see the full report here.