NYSE: AEM 44.82
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Volume: 1,026,700
October 18, 2017
TSX: AEM 55.84
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Volume: 549,400
October 18, 2017
Gold: 1,286.74
+4.82 +0.38%
October 19, 2017

Operations & Projects

    Operating Mines Development Projects


    Agnico Eagle’s ability to consistently execute its business strategy has provided a solid foundation for growth. These three pillars – performance, pipeline and people – form the basis of Agnico Eagle’s success and competitive advantage. By delivering on them, the Company strives to continue to build its production base and generate increased value for shareholders, while making meaningful contributions to its employees and communities.

    Production Summary & Forecast

    Delivering on Performance: For the fifth year in a row, our operations exceeded their production targets, allowing us to increase our guidance to the market and lower our costs.

    In 2016, payable gold production totaled 1,662,888 ounces of gold, with production costs per ounce of $621, total cash costs per ounce of $573 and all-in sustaining costs per ounce of $824, on a by-product basis. In 2017, payable gold production is expected to be 1,620,000 ounces, while total cash costs per ounce are expected to be between $580 and $610, and all-in sustaining costs are forecast between $830 and $880 per ounce of gold, on a by-product basis.

    Q2 2017 Production Summary and 2017 Guidance

    2017 Guidance* Q2 2017 Actual Q1-Q2 2017 Cumulative Actual
    Realized Price for Gold (per ounce)
    $1,260 $1,241
    Realized Price for Silver (per ounce)
    $17.03 $17.33
    Realized Price for Zinc (per tonne)
    $2,642 $2,721
    Realized Price for Copper (per tonne)
    $5,660 $6,018
    Total gold (ounces) 1,620,000 427,743 845,959
    Total silver (x000 ounces)
    1,285 2,483
    Zinc (tonnes)
    1,724 2,729
    Copper (tonnes)
    907 2,179
    Weighted average production costs per ounce of gold (by-product basis):
    $634 $606
    Weighted average total cash costs per ounce of gold (by-product basis): $580 to $610 $556
     Weighted average all-in sustaining costs per ounce of gold (by-product basis):  $830 to $880 $785 $764
    *Guidance as of July 26, 2017